The food and drink sector is a very competitive market with a broad offering to the end consumer. It is therefore essential that when trading in this market that your brand message is very clear and welcoming to maximise the footfall into your business.

In this sector margins are key and it is important to implement systems that ensure you can regularly monitor the key areas in your business to ensure that you are hitting the numbers required to make your business a success. Leaving this to chance is very dangerous and if things are going wrong without action being taken will see cash dry up very quickly.

If setting up a new business, buying a business out a refurbishment the capital outlay can be big figure. It is essential that such expenses can be justified by the trading that the business is going to achieve. Setting targets and preparing forecasts are key to ensuring affordability and return on capital investment. This will always be required if looking to the banks or finance houses for assistance in funding the project.

Working with us

Ensuring that the kitchen and front of house are running efficiently, hitting margin and turnover targets will, as a consequence, deliver the returns expected and keep liquidity strong in a sector where cash is king.

We help to put in place forecasts and then systems to report on the key figures which can be monitored regularly, often daily, to give the business the early warning system needed to identify problem areas immediately if they arise. This gives the opportunity to take action swiftly to then get the business bank on track.

This sector sees many businesses fail and  by putting key systems in place to monitor your business closely gives a much better chance of success and reaching the goals you set.

Common services we provide to our Food & Beverage clients include:
  • Setting targets and goals
  • Preparing forecasts for profit and cash flow
  • Implementing systems to monitor key performance indicators
  • Assistance with raising finance
  • Corporation tax planning
  • Personal tax planning
  • Quarterly review of management account
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll services including preparation of P11D
  • Annual compliance – Accounts and corporation tax returns

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