Kilburn Nightingale Architects

London Architects Kilburn Nightingale have been clients our since they first appointed us way back in 1996 on the recommendation of an existing Architect client.

Having already gained some experience in the field at the time, we felt confident that we understood the sector well and could advise our new client appropriately.

In common with many architects, their primary concern was the control of staffing levels and costs so that they remain in proportion to what they should be, and that cash flow is kept under control.

To address this we prepared benchmark figures a control tool – something we were able to do using other Architect client’s figures and combining them with industry average results. This gave them a yardstick that they could compare their own figures with and make decisions accordingly.

Since that first engagement – which enabled the client to much better understand what and where they needed to focus on in order to better manage the business we have continued to provide assistance and guidance on numerous fronts including billing, credit control, work in progress management, cost management and more.

If you're an architect and are looking for a business advisor experienced in working with architectural businesses, then we'd love to continue the conversation.

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