In certain sectors, research and development is a vital aspect of remaining competitive as well as providing an avenue for substantial tax relief. Starting in 2016 we have been reviewing CMCA(UK)’s R&D operations, identifying a variety of opportunities to claim R&D tax credits resulting in significant tax savings.

Central Management Catalogue Agency (UK) - CMCA(UK) - is a privately-owned company specializing in the development and delivery of Equipment Lifecycle Support (ELS), Obsolescence Management (OM), Codification, Procurement and Long-Term Storage solutions across a range of industries and applications. The company was established in 1997 to provide NATO Codification services to the UK Ministry of Defense (UK MoD), an area in which they have continued to flourish. In April 2014 they were awarded the single source contract to perform NATO Codification on behalf of all three branches of the UK Armed Forces, and they still hold this contract today.

We started working with CMCA 2009, and amongst other aspects of our advice and consulting with them we have helped the to maximise their claims for R&D tax credits. R&D Tax Credits are a tax incentive from the UK Government designed to encourage companies to invest in R&D.

CMCA (UK) chose to develop a highly portable and cost effective Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS). Following extensive research and operational experience, V-Guard was developed to fill a niche requirement in the under-vehicle surveillance market.

We were able assist CMCA (UK) in identifying the research and development process including:

  1. Identifying the specific scientific or technological advance;
  2. The scientific or technological uncertainties involved in the project;
  3. How and when these uncertainties were overcome; and
  4. Establishing that was the knowledge being sought not readily deducible by a competent professional.

To date we have help identify over £430,000 of enhanced expenditure resulting in tax savings of more than £85,000. As with all our clients, we continue to be vigilant of tax advantages available to CMCA (UK).

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